Our Success Thus Far


Establishing and Sustaining the Demonstration Farm

Our Initiatives has shown great success in the last three years we have been in operation. We see great and sustainable organic farm getting sustained in the community Centre. Our pride is that the local people can drive initiatives that transform their lives. The project that started on rented funny and semi-permanent structures with pigs only is now the quality leading source of all sorts of fresh vegetables, piglets, mushrooms, fish and honey. Demonstrating and empowering less fortunate and needy members of the community sustainable farming practices and creating resilient communities that can lead initiatives that affect their lives is the far we have gone.


Establishing and Sustaining the Demonstration Farm

CIBC started as a small project with two pigs in 2011 and has so far made this impact:


- Over 250 hundred households in 6 groups have been empowered to take piggery as a sustainable alternative source of bush meat, income and nutrition and as an alternative to bush meat


- About a hundred local women took up mushrooms enterprise to generate an income, and meet their daily life needs




- We constantly serve over 1,000 cherished customers including Bwindi tour camps who need our fresh organic vegetable and other services monthly on their door steps


- Our Integrated fish, piggery and vegetable project is the only hope to end debilitating malnutrition that have left many mothers motherless as a result malnourished child death


- Our X-poachers have stabilized in alternative and sustainable living sources and forgotten about poaching from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park


- Our outstanding demonstration farm is now a turning point for learning, knowledge sharing and exchange and research


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