Farmer Training and Support


CIBC uses on farm demonstration training, CIBC believes that for people to understand and adopt improved and sustainable farming practices, they must see them physically and participate with their hands. We offer an opportunity for farmers to get involved in the design and implementation of sustainable and integrated organic vegetable growing and piggery, mushroom, bee keeping, banana and fruit growing.


We carefully find out those products that have high demand on the local market and dig into details the sustainable means of producing them. Together with farmers we build on the indigenous knowledge to improve on the production, apply little replicable science to make the technology economically viable, environmentally sound and socially acceptable.


Different farmer groups and individuals make priorities on project choices; we only come to advise basing on the market demands, farmer’s land suitability, location and individual or group limitations and technology. We demonstrate and advise, but the final choice remains with the farmer. When resources allow we go ahead and give start up or continuation seed and in-puts. Thanks to the Rufford small grant for nature conservation that became our first grant giving foundation in implementing biodiversity conservation through organic piggery project, over a hundred people in five groups benefited directly from the project.



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