Farmers Product Value Addition

Marketing & Selling


At whatever circumstance, we try to make sure that what is produced is sold. We take records of all incoming supply from farmers. Each farmer has got his own page against his monthly supply.  Our selling model is to make sure that we reach our customers at their possible destinations/ door steps. We move from door to door asking for who needs our products (mushrooms, vegetables, honey, piglets, fruits, fish and chicken). Every day we make new contacts of new customers. We try to make a good relationship with our old customers so that even if a new entrant comes, they cannot snatch them away. Such measures are through giving bonuses, delivering on time, giving manageable debts, demanding our overdue bills softly, and sending an appreciation note after every end of month.


Our products are perishables, when not sold immediately after harvesting they go bad.  To avoid this, we try to make sure that we add value on them. One of the methods is through drying them using our locally made solar driers, packaging and labeling. Other foods such as honey, also has to be processed before taking to the market. While fresh vegetable have to be managed straight from the farm at the time of planting, to plant what we know can get market immediately and also ensure continuous supply through planting manageable plots that if properly timed can ensure continuous supply of fresh vegetables to customers.




So at the end of the month what we see is the team of farmers in their groups coming to the treasurer for their payments in respect to the supplied vegetables. We see groups growing and parents taking their children to school. We see after getting their payments being able to go back and buy other foods, such as meat, posho beans and buying clothes and seeds for next crop.


To serve many we plan to start our own cooked food selling center. So plans are that we build a budget camp and lodge with a restaurant. See projects on About Community Initiatives for Biodiversity Conservation Page.  This will provide a commendation for tourist, students, volunteers, tourist drivers, and hold small functions from local people. This will be an additional source of market for our local farmer produced food and also promote more tourists coming for Agrotourism hence increased revenues and growth of the organisation in terms of the impact on the people served.

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