Training and supporting youth to be future climate smart agribusiness leaders in park edge communities in Uganda

This initiative supports youth who dropped out of school at any level in their academic carrier. It is also recruits local farming groups for short course who want to improve their farming practices or learn new ones. The trainees come and stay at the farm for 6 month learning the following practical technologies;
1. Recycling plastics into bricks and building rain water harvesting tanks
2. composting technologies
3. Urban farming technologies
4.Mushroom farming technologies
5. Fish farming and feed production  technologies
6. Organic vegetable farming technologies
7. Apiary management technologies
8. Agribusiness management
9. Animal and crop production integration technologies

The program takes 6 month and successful trainees  who demonstrate entrepreneurial skills and willing to work with community members when they return home must write a business plan and the successful ones supported financially and monitored for 1 year to ensure their success.

Trainees only need to come with clothes and other personal belongings. Other staff like accommodation and meals can be found at the training center. They also need to pay fees for the programs. This program also invites professional volunteers from all over the world and can also supports exchange program. do you want to support or be part of this program, submit your inquiry here.