Farmer's Choice Restuarant

The restaurant was  constructed with the main aim of creating an extra market for local produce that can not be directly sold to the lodges or to local community market.

It was also established to address the need for a decent quality food in clean environment by the local tourist guides, budget tourists and local employees with no time to cook. Another major reason was to make some revenues which can be used as revolving loans for farmers to get seeds and other farm inputs in time.

The building also houses a grocery where farmers bring there produce for selling and come at the end of the month to correct there payments according to there supplied items as per the ledger recordings.

According to CIBIC research, over £10,000 is spent monthly by the tourist lodges buying food from Kampala city, over 450km away. The lodges buy in bulk and perishables often go bad before they are delivered. These Kampala purchases include vegetables and fruits that can be grown locally and successfully in Bwindi soils. Also, pork, chicken, fish and other meats are purchased and transported from Kampala. CIBIC is addressing this opportunity by training and supporting small scale farmers to produce food that have local demand in the tourist lodges and in the other local markets. A new grocery and affordable restaurant in addition to the lodges is to help expand local farmer’s access to these markets that also reduces costs by eliminating lengthy transport and food loss and associated middle-man profit.

Providing the local people ready sources of self-produced food and income allows them the grace to appreciate nature conservation in the National Park including the Mountain Gorillas.

The project project will also ensure sustainability of the loans department by continuously injecting in cash accumulated from the profits made. It is planned that 15% of the profits made will be channeled to the loans department helping farmers to continue accessing seeds and other farm requirements in time and they pay back after harvesting and selling. This is averagely three month of the grace period.

Our new community restuarant and glocery
The first group of tourists eating at ou