Farmer Outreach and Extenion


Farmers who finish their training at the demonstration farm and get start up seeds and tools or piglets, they remain part of CIBC. We understand that there are technical limitation and social challenges without the help of the extension agent, though all skills have been given on training. Our experience is that after doing things together at the demonstration farm, people tend to forget and make mistakes especially in mushrooms, during the second phase of production. We are very sorry to Nkwenda Twetungure women’s group, after training they went to grow mushrooms, whereas the results were promising, they lost the whole of the second yield because they forget hygienic principle thus contaminated the whole garden during incubation.


Such losses discourage new entrants into the enterprises, to avoid this, farmers that are already trained have to continue under the supervision of the extension agent in their gardens. The extension agent also meets the members individually to discuss issues that concern confidentiality. There are many different challenges farmers face in other different enterprises such as vegetable, piggery, honey and banana farming. We strive to create that relationship with the farmers from the earliest point to help them mitigating any predictable challenge.

Our Farmer Outreach and Extenion Challenge


With continued growth and expansion of our activities to meet the needs of the people that we serve, the catchment area is increased and the need of the farmers continue to bulge on our very limited resources. The key issue is how to reach every group/farmer and deliver as required in time without means of transport, motivation and empowering the extension agent. Currently the organisation is serving Kayonza Sub County in empowering farmers and selling the farmer’s products to the whole of Kanungu district towns. Our model of selling is to available the product on the customer’s door step.

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