CIBIC is happy to have sucessfully completed some projects and implementing many more. One of them is biodiversity conservation through organic piggery project. This project Trains and supports people in sustainable piggery project, providing alternative source of bush meat to reformed poachers and those who would be poachers. The Project recently benefited over 120 people from the community including women, Batwa, youth.  A second  fund from Rufford foundation is strnegthening these groups and supporting newly identified reformed poachers.

The second funded project is on going and these are updates from the field. Thanks to our partners  Like Uganda Wild Life Authority and The local govement for supprting us in emplementing our projects.

CIBIC has of recently implemented bee keeping projects supporting Batwa Pygmies in Uganda. Updates from the field are also available here. The project  is training and supporting evicted Batwa families in bee keeeping and providing sustainable source of food and income through selling and eating honey as food. The aprenticeship program provides them with fuller opportunities of becoming  self employed and even employ others. Over 100 batwa pygmies are befiting from the project.