Donors & Partners


Over 90% of the money needed to run Community Initiatives for Biodiversity Conservation comes from contributions from our donors and partners, and none of the work we do in Bwindi would be possible without their generous support. Our supporters trust us to use their donations wisely because we have proven, time and again, that we deliver on our projects and services.



Michael Edwards and Riley Edwards, Nicola Rooney,Ralph Kurtsman, La Malcella etc



Rufford small grants for nature conservation - Supported the expansion and improvement of the organic piggery project, this enabled many farmers to be sensitized about the benefits for biodiversity conservation, enabled farmers to understand how to keep and manage pigs as a business for meat and income and left five groups owning 2 pigs each.


Flora and Fauna International (FFI) - FFI provided funding to equip the Batwa of Bikuto Batwa Development Group with sufficient knowledge and skills as well as effective support to enable them undertake piggery as an income generating activity.


Bwindi Impenetrable National Park under Uganda Wild life Authority (UWA) - Provided technical labour and facilitated transport during community education and sensitization about the benefits for conserving Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the role of CIBC in empowering the local community organized groups to start an environmentally sound and economically viable piggery project to reduce on human threats to gorilla conservation.