Goat Rearing for sustainable Development and Alternative to poaching

Batwa are keeping local goats that have survived on the local climate for centuries but are being improved by an exotic he goat.

The Batwa are keeping there goats on loan in a group, however each goat is owned by an individual in a group and is responsible for management and day to day care of their goats. Each member will pay back the kid after winning. The kid is given to another member from another household and the cycle continues till all community members in the community own a goat.

The primary objectives for keeping these goats is to have milk, meat, school fees and manure. Goat management under group level helps to min-mise production challenges.

Currently the project is supporting 16 members of the community.

The role of CBIC here is to offer extension services to them helping to do veterinary care, like drug administration in case animals are sick and helping to encourage proper feeding diets, constructing recomandable accommodation and utilisation of manure, marketing among others.

The group concept have proved a successful model because unlike other project intervention, all goats are still alive and looking health. we have 11 communities and we are still working with one community because of limited resources. Do you want to help us reach more? write to us though the contact us email below.

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