Community Awareness & Education on Biodiversity Conservation Benefits


We consider passing on knowledge and information as very important tools in biodiversity conservation. All farmers who benefit from our initiatives go through biodiversity conservation and awareness benefits activity phases. We are dedicated to make sure that communities adjacent to the park develop love for nature and feel collective ownership of the protected area resource. CIBC is in partnership with local government-Kayonza sub county-Mukono parish, Uganda wild life Authority and Batwa development program in sensitization and implementation of livelihood transformation activities. During community education and awareness sessions, our point of interest is to help women and the Batwa understand that the park is providing services that we would other never get if it was not their such as schools, hospital, scholarships, electricity and infrastructure , jobs and market of goods and local services. We try to help them predict what bad things can happen when the park is removed including climate change and what are new opportunities coming up as a result of the park existence including CIBC initiatives.


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