Community Initiatives for biodiversity conservation (CIBIC), is a not-for-profit community-based organisation working to bring harmony between man and nature in communities around Bwindi Impenetrable forest National park, home of the renowned mountain gorillas.


 As indicated in our organisation profile we aim to improve the livelihoods of less fortunate women, youth, Batwa Pygmies and the refomed poachers in the areas neighboring the protected area, through demonstrating and training and supporting them to build and own small scale sustainable organic agricultural enterprises for food and income, meaning they no longer have to go poaching or encroach on parkland, which for many people is the only way of earning money. This is by far the best way to protect the wonderfully beautiful national park; working with people who pose a threat to biodiversity, not against them. We envision holistic conservation and development were climates, humanity and nature are not harmed for today and tomorrow.


Understanding the many threats to biodiversity and climate is the first step towards serving people, protecting the forest, and saving the gorillas. Giving local people knowledge of climate and environmental issues is the foundation of social transformation. This is how we build a future, not just the gorillas, but all species living here. Protecting the many habitats starts with helping local people most in need. Since traditionally they are farmers and food gatherers, improving their agricultural practices, land usage, technologies, and market access can actually save people’s lives, mitigate climate change, and impact conservation.